Our mobile phones are dirtier than we could imagine. And it is logical. Even out toilet seats get cleaned on regular basis, or at least they should – but when was the last time you gave your phone a proper clean up? This is why this product, the PhoneSoap Cell Phone Charger and UV Sanitizer, draws so much attention.

The PhoneSoap combines two functions regarding our cell phones. The first one is the already mentioned UV sanitizing function that is not very common and actually makes the PhoneSoap unique on the market. The second function is charging that always comes handy.

The cleaning is done without any water, heat or chemicals, using just UV lights that do not harm your phone in any way. However, they do harm the viruses and bacteria, even the ones that are resistant to antibiotics, killing them almost instantly. The entire cleaning process takes about four minutes.

Phonesoap cell phone sanitizer

When it comes to charging, the PhoneSoap Cell Phone Charger and UV Sanitizer is compatible with almost any phone. It employs standard USB to micro USB charger, but it also enables you to open its charging cable compartment and change the cable to whatever you are using including the iPhone charger.

Leaving your phone inside for a charge will not hamper its functionality. The PhoneSoap has acoustic audio amplifier and outlets that enable you to hear your alarms, ringtones or notifications.

The inside is large enough to support almost any cell phone, having the inside dimensions of 6 x 3.74. x 0.78 inches. The PhoneSoap Cell Phone Charger and UV Sanitizer is a truly distinctive product on the market, but it’s price is pretty acceptable. You can buy it for just $64.95 on Amazon. watch video below

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Cell phone sanitizer

Phonesoap cell phone charger and sanitizer

Phonesoap cell phone charger and UV sanitizer


Phonesoap UV cell phone sanitizer

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