Designer Dave Hakkens is the mastermind behind the Phoneblocks – a modular, customizable phone. This is most definitely one of the best ideas regarding smartphones since their emergence. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

Dave Hakkens’s starting point was the fact that our fragile phones today often get broken and tossed away but usually just one of the components is broken. The other reason we get rid of our smartphones quickly is that in today’s world things develop so quickly that something that was groundbreaking just a couple of years ago is simply old today. And the third reason for a new phone is a simple change of style and customization.

Well, Phoneblocks Smartphone sorts all of these problems out with ease. The idea is to create a phone made of removable blocks that are connected to a simple base that locks all of the components together tightly. Each of the blocks has a function and if it gets broken – you simply replace just that one block. The same goes if a feature is outdated. You can upgrade your phone in no time. You can choose the features you wish to have, the products you wish to support and even the size and functionality of each of the blocks.
This kind of platform is perfect for other products as well. There is no reason why tablets couldn’t work the same way.

Description of each block in the PHONEBLOCKS Smartphone Modular Mobile Phone

So, if you watch a lot of videos on your phone, use GPS often, or talk a lot, but consider the phone camera a useless addition, simply remove it and make room for a more powerful battery. Or if you have access to cloud storage, you can even remove your storage component and make loads of room for something else.

Not buying a new phone every time something breaks or becomes outdated will seriously reduce the technological waste as well as the costs of production of smartphones.
Even though this is a new technology, older users will find it pretty useful as well. For example, they can remove all of the modern features they don’t use and dramatically increase the battery capacity and the speaker.

PHONEBLOCKS Smartphone Modular Mobile Phone

The possibilities are literally countless and the fact that it is built on an open platform means that customization features will multiply extremely quickly.
To be honest, Phoneblocks might be the new revolutionary thing in this field. If you liked it, be sure to visit the designer’s website and support the project. [via] watch video below

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Back and side view of the PHONEBLOCKS Smartphone Modular Mobile Phone

Man holding the PHONEBLOCKS Smartphone Modular Mobile Phone

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