Oh, we just love novel pieces of furniture! Let’s face it – the furniture world has seen and done it all so there is very little room for originality left. And this little cabinet does the furniture world proud. We are talking about Phone Booth Cabinet; a very unique way of storing your CDs and DVDs. If you have a London-themed apartment or love anything and everything British, this could be just the thing that the furniture doctor ordered to freshen up your room.

Phone Booth Cabinet

Phone Booth Cabinet can store up to 290 CDs or 136 DVDs. It is 14.13 inches wide, 14.62 inches deep and 44.5 inches tall. It has sufficient capacity to keep your entire media collection safe from dust and damage. The cabinet has five fixed shelves and Plexiglas windows on three sides. Assembly is pretty straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions come with the cabinet. Although it may not look sturdy, the Phone Booth Cabinet is just that since it is made from durable medium-density fibreboard. In addition to its attractive whimsical design, this is a crafty piece of furniture, painted in recognizable red finish.

British phone booth cabinet

You can put this charming media cabinet just about anywhere and it will always be a conversation starter. It is suitable for a home office, children’s room, basement, dorm or family room. Apart from CDs and DVDs, you can use it to store books, magazines and VHS tapes. It is eclectic, adorable and practical and will add a little bit of nostalgia to your urban paradise.

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