Often yours truly thinks that alarm clocks are explicitly designed to make you as miserable as possible in the morning. There is nothing natural or soothing about alarm clocks and the way they spur you out of the bed. This, however, cannot be said for the Philips Wake-up Light alarm clock which uses an innovative light therapy and gentle sound to wake you up in a natural way.

The Philips Wake-up Light clock emanates soft light which changes from delicate red and orange to bright yellow – all the colours of the sunrise. The light gradually becomes stronger within a half an hour of going off, starting with red through orange and, in the end, yellow which envelopes your entire room. This process encourages the body to wake up spontaneously.

Philips wake-up alarm clock which simulates sunlight and dusk

As far as the clock’s sound goes, there are five relaxing and calming sounds to choose from – Zen Garden, Gentle Piano, Bird Song, Seaside Sounds, and Birds in the Forest. The chosen sound gradually increases in volume within a minute and a half.  Or you can choose to wake up to the sounds of your favourite FM radio station.

Another fantastic feature of the Philips Wake-up Light alarm clock is that the illumination of the display adjusts automatically. If your bedroom is very light, the display will increase in brightness. Or if your room is quite dark, the brightness dims so the display doesn’t bother you while you are trying to sleep.

And yes, there is a snooze button which sounds off every nine minutes.

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Philips wake-up alarm clock

Sunlight simulating alarm clock


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