Phaser Type 1 | Akira-Inspired Electric Motorcycle

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As we become aware of how our dependence on oil is adding to climate change, we look towards technology for answers. Thankfully, with our advancements in technology, we are getting closer to cleaner and more sustainable forms of transport. One such solution is the Phaser Type 1 by Union Motion.

It looks amazingly futuristic and functions exceptionally well. However, this is just a prototype at this stage, but it gives us an insight into what the future might hold.

So, if you were looking for a new and cool way to get around, then the Phaser Type 1 is definitely something to look out for.

Phaser Type 1 front view

The super-bright Halo light look as futuristic as the bike functions.

Essentially, this motorcycle features a 6 kWh battery that powers a very powerful motor. It also only weighs 50kg. The battery can also be removed and replaced with ease. However, with a 60-mile range, it is an excellent urban commuter. In addition to this, the Phaser has a top speed of 110 miles and it can charge from flat to full in 2 hours.

Man riding the Phaser Type 1

The Phaser Type 1 has a range of 60 miles per charge. It can also reach speeds of up to 110 miles per hour.

The body has also been CNC milled which gives it a clean and minimalistic look. However, this also lends to the awesome futuristic look.  It also has an Akira-inspired disc wheel and a super-bright halo light. [via]

Phaser Type 1 top view

Phaser Type 1 view from seat

Phaser Type 1 Akira-inspired disc wheel

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