Designers, artists and students have for a long time used traditional pencils and mechanical pencils for their work without knowing the state of the lead used, along with messing around with all the annoying mechanical parts. The time of these struggles is finally over now that Penxo is here. Penxo is a minimalist lead holder pencil and it efficiently replaces traditional and mechanical pencils thanks to its simple design. The design revolves around letting the user know which lead is used and in what state it is in. This was achieved by adding a lead window. The lead window allows for easy monitoring of the lead color, usage, brand and hardness labels. This design was also brought to a different level because of the quick release feature. All you have to do is push your thumb in Penxo’s gap and the lead can slide in and out with ease.

Penxo lead window

With the lead window you can see the state of the lead at all times

The gap used in its design has other functions too. It was contoured so that you have a better grip, and it allows for air to flow beneath your fingers which reduces sweating and, in turn, eliminates struggling with a slippery pencil. Once purchased, you can use Penxo for years to come as it is extremely durable. This was achieved by making this lead holder pencil from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum. The aluminum unibody has no additional parts; the lead window and gap are all there is to this amazing lead holder pencil.

Penxo aluminum unibody

Made from a single block of aluminum, this lead holder pencil has no mechanical parts

Penxo was initially available in two colors: darth black and rebel silver. However, as Penxo is undergoing a Kickstarter campaign which managed to provide the creators with a lot more funding than initially asked for, it is now available in galactic gold as well.

Penxo color variants

Penxo is currently available in three colors: darth black, rebel silver and galactic gold

A testament to the simplistic and ingenious way in which this lead holder pencil is designed is not just the amazing response it has received on Kickstarter, but the fact that Penxo was awarded with a Red Dot Award, reserved only for the best in design and business. You can pre-order a Rebel Silver Penxo in the most affordable package currently available on Kickstarter for $29 and you will receive 12 free leads and a free lead sharpener along with it.

Penxo features

Penxo, with its simple design, has a lot to offer

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