FiftyThree is the company that created Paper, the sketchpad-style application that was the Apple 2012 iPad App of the Year. Now they have created the Pencil Stylus, moving from software towards hardware, but, rather than completely abandoning the first, they combined these two into a wonderful symbiosis that boasts great design, perfect functionality and intuitive use. The Pencil is simply perfect.

The Pencil looks like a simple carpenter pencil. Its shape prevents rolling and gives users a tapered tip that enables them to make fine lines as well as broad ones. There are two distinctive looks – Walnut and Graphite – both looking wonderfully natural. There are no buttons or function switches on the pencil, so it looks utterly minimalistic.

Specifications of the brown and black pencil stylus

However, the main part is on the inside. The technology inside the Pencil is has several functions along with the writing and drawing ones – Erase, Blend and adaptive Palm Rejection – that make it usable intuitively. Even older people that resent new technologies will easily use and love the Pencil.

The Pencil is paired via Bluetooth, but there is no complicated pairing procedure, rather a short, simple and enjoyable action. The pairing is performed through a simple press of the Pencil’s tip against the screen. And the procedure has a suitable name – Kiss to Pair™. Great.

Charging is also simple. The battery is recharged using a USB port in under 90 minutes. Once fully charged, the battery allows for up to a month of normal use.

Using the pencil stylus

The Palm Rejection technology allows you to rest your palm against the iPad. The technology will automatically detect that it is the palm so it will have no effect on what is happening on the screen. There is no calibration or additional setup required, so it will feel like working on real paper. This will be aided by the tapered tip that has been friction-tuned to ensure natural feel.

The Erase feature helps you deal with any mistakes you’ve made without a fuss. There is no tool switching required. You simply flip the Pencil and erase the mistake much like you would with a traditional pencil.

Pencil stylus and pencil app

The Blend feature helps you extend your creativity. It enables you to use your finger to smooth the rough edges created with the Pencil tip and blend colors.

When not used as a Paper related hardware, the Pencil can be used as a stylus in any other application and on any touchscreen.

You can buy this amazing product for $74.95 for the Walnut version and $59.95 for the Graphite one. Included in the price you will get an extra tip and eraser.

FiftyThree say that “the best tools don’t require a lot of fuss — they just work.” The Pencil Stylus is truly among the best tools. watch video below

Get it on Amazon here

Eraser feature of the pencil stylus

Pencil Stylus by Fiftythree 3

Pencil Stylus by Fiftythree 1

Pencil Stylus by Fiftythree 8

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