Pearl Bay is the name of a beautiful residence created by Gavin Maddock Design studio. This double-story home is located in Yzerfontein, a town 90 km north of Cape Town, the second-most populous city in South Africa.

Pearl Bay residence is very modern, yet minimalistic and the designers gave their best to emphasize the stunning view of the ocean, which can be seen from every single room in the house. Of course, if you enjoy gazing at the fields and dunes, you will not be any less disappointed, because there are many around the villa, and the creators used the largest windows possible, while preserving the privacy from the neighbors. This also provides great lighting.

Pearl Bay resembles the original Mediterranean coast cottages, it is as simple as they are, but it features everything to serve people’s needs in the 21st century. There are four bathrooms, three bedrooms, living and dining areas, a study, a gallery, decks and balconies, which combined occupy about 600 square meters. Ceiling heights are somewhat above 3 meters and there are full height sliding doors.

The interior is mostly custom designed, so it could fit the space and satisfy comfort levels. However, they tried to make the house look ancient. The external furniture is very simple, the TV and audio devices are hidden in the living room wall cabined, behind the large sliding panel, the floors are finished in oak and there is a fireplace, as well.

Pearl Bay Residence is surrounded by splendid nature and ocean, which make it a bull’s eye if you are looking for serenity, since the environment is absolutely peaceful and charming. [via]

Pearl Bay Residence by Gavin Maddock Design Studio


Pearl Bay Residence interior design

Pearl Bay Residence interior design in Cape Town South Africa

Pearl Bay Residence by Gavin Maddock Design Studio

Pearl Bay Residence architecture

Pearl Bay Residence

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