If you ask random people to describe their personal vacation heaven, we bet that that description would include lying in a hammock on a tropical beach. Since we are big proponets of hedonism, we couldn’t help but feature yet another of those have-to-have-them hammocks – Pawleys Island Original Collection Presidential Size Polyester Rope Hammock. Quite a name for a hammock, wouldn’t you say? The name itself suggests that this one should be tried and tested. Frequently! With a refreshing beverage in hand!
Pawleys Island presidential size hammock

The manufacturer – Pawleys Island – is one of those companies which are known for impeccable craftsmanship. It has been producing quality, handmade household and garden goods since 1889. The hammock that we are featuring today is one of those products that scream enjoyment and relaxation. The Original Collection Presidential Size Polyester Rope Hammock has holes that are just the perfect size for your body and it can accommodate two or more people since its weight capacity is an incredible 450 pounds. The Hammock has zinc-plated hangers with two screw-in tree hooks while its white-oak spreaders ensure that it is always open wide.

Pawleys Island hammock

As soon as you lie down in it, you’ll feel comfortable and excellently supported. You can even roll around as much as you want to without fear of falling out. Although the manufacturer used polyester to make the hammock more weather-proof, it is still soft as cotton because the polyester rope is hand-woven and soft-spun. The hammock’s width is respectable 5 feet 5 inches, its length (from ring to ring) is 13 feet while the bed length is 6 feet 8 inches.

Oh, by the way, every President of the United States since Truman has received a Pawleys Island Hammock as a gift from South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond. Wouldn’t it be good to own a piece of history in your back yard?

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Pawleys Island presidential size hammock

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