Patriot Campers Super Tourer


If you were looking for the ultimate vehicle to handle any and all off-road trails, then you are going to need a beast. Well, when it comes to beastly vehicles, the Patriot Campers Super Tourer is definitely the monstrosity that you need. Apart from being exceptionally rugged, it has that definite style of badassery that makes it a head-turner.

Based on the GXL Toyota Land Cruiser dual cab, the Super Tourer features a variety of modifications that truly makes it an extraordinary off-road vehicle.

Side view of the Patriot Campers Super Tourer

The Super Tourer is based on a brand new GLX Toyota Land Cruiser.

Firstly, the Super Tourer features a 300mm chassis extension. It also comes with ROH wheels that have been coupled with Mickey Thompson tires. Furthermore, it features an EFS suspension upgrade up to 8378 pounds. In addition, it also comes with the spectacular Patriot Supertourer body, TJM barwork, front and rear winches, and an undertray water tank with an electric pump. Check out the video below.

Front side view of the Patriot Campers Super Tourer

The entire body is constructed out of lightweight aluminum. This platform is also powered by a V8 Turbo Diesel engine.

Besides body modifications, the Super Tourer is built on a very off-road capable platform that’s powered by a V8 turbo diesel engine. The body has also been constructed completely from aluminum; this ensures a long life span, corrosion resistance, and a lightweight. It also comes with a premium TJM Airtec snorkel, a GME heavy duty antenna, a TJM Outback bull bar, and a TJM 1200LB front winch.

Patriot Campers Super Tourer with all of its doors open.

The Super Tourer features loads of packing space for all your gear, equipment and tools. It truly is an off-road beast.

In addition, it also comes with a variety of side toolboxes and a rear drawer to store all of you camping gear, and off-road equipment. Furthermore, the Super Tourer also comes with a GME TX3550S that’s been coupled with a Hema HN7 that allows you to communicate whilst even in the remotest of regions. [via]

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