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Patent Prints can be a great addition to your interior. Just imagine decorating your man cave and including these awesome prints. They are made in Oliver Gal Artist Co.Studios in Miami, Florida. As for the collection, it features more than 100 prints of the most recognizable patents. We’re gonna introduce a few.

What’s the same for all prints is that they use premium Luster photo paper finish. This ensures the color and ink coverage are at their best. All the patents feature 100 lb. gloss cover paper. Each one uses real patent drawings and illustrations and comes in the best resolution and color saturation possible. Important to mention is that when you order, you’ll get a print that’s not framed.

Three Patent Prints

Patent Prints come in various themes and colors.

These amazing prints come in various themes. There’s the old 1928 Harley motorcycle and 1929 Airplane invented by William Douglas Clark. Skipping some years in the future, we have the 1990 Porche 911 model. Also, a little something for coffee lovers – the 1967 coffee brewer. Not to forget one more, a revolver from 1881. All Patent Prints measure 13 W x 19 L inches.

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Two Patent Prints

Each one uses gloss cover paper and Luster photo paper finish.

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