If you ever wondered just how “powerful” your passport is, then Passport Index is the perfect website for you. This interactive online tool lets users check out passports by location, country, color and “power ranking”. The last of these options which this site offers while you are browsing through the passports of the world is that you can learn just how many countries can you visit without a visa. Pretty nifty tool, especially if you are planning on doing some travelling.

Visa-free travel

This site lets you know how many countries you can visit without a visa

United States, United Kingdom, France, South Korea and Germany are absolutely dominating the power rankings on this website as citizens of these countries can travel to a large number of countries without the need for a visa. The US and UK are in the lead here for a reason as people from these two countries can go to 147 countries visa-free, while French, South Korean and German citizens can go to 145. Not a big difference, but there is still a difference, nonetheless.

US passport

The US passport stands at the top of the Passport Index power rankings

Make sure you check out where your passport stands among the rest of them and just how powerful it is with the Passport Index a uniquely useful online tool. [via]

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