If you like to dabble in the mechanical intricacies of bicycles, then you probably have the tools necessary for this hobby. Of course, if you are an actual mechanic then you definitely have the tools needed for this job and you will recognize the quality of Park Tool’s MK-246 Master Tool Kit. The “master” in the name says it all, this tool kit contains literally every tool you will ever need to tweak, fix and customize your bicycle in every and any way there is. And the number 246 isn’t there by chance, of course, that’s actually how many professional level tools you will get in this tool kit.

MK-246 Master Tool Kit professional level tools

This tool kit contain 246 professional level bicycle repair and maintenance tools

Park Tool has been making high quality bicycle tools since 1963, so after the experience they have amassed over the years should mean something. And it really does. However, this tool kit isn’t meant for everyone. If you don’t have a certain level of expertise in bicycle mechanics, you’re better off hauling your bike to a professional, who is, hopefully, using this tool kit.

MK-246 Master Tool Kit frame and fork straightener

Busted bike fork? Not an issue with the Park Tool fork straightener found in this tool kit

This tool kit will feel right at home at bicycle repair shops or home workshops of people who don’t just dabble in bicycle mechanics, but live and breathe it. Out of the 246 tools included in this kit, you will find all types of wrenches, fixtures, saws, gauges and a stool with a Park Tool logo for you to sit comfortably while you work.

MK-246 Master Tool Kit chain tool

If you come across trouble with your bike chain, the chain tool will definitely come in handy

If you ever had a dream of running your very own bike repair shop, there isn’t a better business starter kit than the Park Tool MK-246 Master Tool Kit. With these high quality, master crafted tools and your enthusiasm, there will be no such thing as an impossible repair.

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