Panlights Handmade Wooden Lights | By Javor Skerlj Vogelnik


Whenever an artist uses rare and rather surprising materials to create artwork, we take notice because the result is usually original and out of ordinary. Artist, musician and wood enthusiast Javor Škerlj Vogelnik from Slovenia has managed to create artwork that is unique yet an elegant example of modern day design incorporating natural materials. He named one of his artistic projects Panlights after the Pans, the mysterious forest beings and guardians of nature, landscapes and fields.

Panlights lamps

The unique wooden lights are named after various mysterious forest beings

Panlights is all about joie de vivre, living in harmony with the nature and creating a peaceful home. Panlights are exquisite, handmade wooden lights that are fragile and sturdy at the same time. Usually made from driftwood, they bring warmth, an element of aliveness and creativity into one’s living space. Although Javor has never studied craftsmanship at school, these wooden lamps are beautifully constructed and they range from floor and table lamps to pendant lamps. It takes anything between a week and months for these art pieces to be created and until they are fully morphed into the desired form.

Panlights furniture

Apart from making beautiful lamps, Vogelnik makes equally beautiful furniture

Taking his inspiration from a beautiful lakeside town of Bohinj in Slovenia, Javor has also created handmade furniture, indoor and outdoor sculptures and garden pieces which are aesthetically as attractive, creative and unusual as Panlights. As the artist says most of his sculptures are created in honor of “the beauty and mightiness of nature’s structures (rivers, mountains, lakes), forgotten fairy beings and basic elemental forces (fire, water, earth, air).” Javor is keen on reflecting all the nature’s qualities in his artwork in order to create an enjoyable, serene and peaceful living environment.

Panlights material

All of his creations are made from driftwood

In keeping with his inclination for natural design, he uses recycled or elementary driftwood in combination with stone and soil for land art projects. To quote Javor: “I like to believe that nature can be a profound gateway to enhancing people’s creative power and healing.”

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