Shoes, kicks and boots have been with us since the discovery of the sandal in 8000 BC and they certainly have evolved much since then to show status, style, supreme comfort and even ingenuity in the designs. These days we get collaborations between companies, artists, skaters and brands that are just completely mind-blowing, ultimately comfortable and straight forward stylish. It is with this that we give to you the latest in high fashion boot design; a collaboration between Palladium and Alpha Industries that, with a combined total boast 150 years in manufacturing expertise, to guarantee you the best boots that money can buy called Pampa Hi Zip MA-1 and Pampa Baggy Zip MA-1.

The Alpha Industries x Palladium boot collection has been designed for not only comfort but aesthetics and an uncanny ruggedness to ensure that they last a lifetime. Inspired by Alpha Industries flight jacket line, Palladium decided to use Alpha’s flight jacket nylon for their signature boots that ensures you have only the best and, of course, there is a flight jacket zip on the side that just further accentuates the inspiration.

Pampa Zip MA-1 boots by Palladium and Alpha Industries

The bottom is a one-piece moulded rubber outsole created by Palladium with EVA cushioning for excellence in comfort and a signature rubber toe for style. In essence, these boots capture the Alpha spirit and the colours, including the emergency orange inner lining, reflect this. Alpha Industries has gone one further and designed a limited edition flight jacket to compliment the boots that’s named aptly the City Explorer MA-1 flight jacket.

The boots are available in sage, navy, black and maroon. So go out and get yourself some Alpha Industries x Palladium boots to suit your style; either Hi Zip or Baggy Zip and get your limited edition City Explorer MA-1 Flight Jacket to accompany it.

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