Everybody, women especially, dislike seeing those unsightly bottle or glass marks on coffee tables. Coasters are the ideal solution for that, and if they are as interesting, cute yet rugged, environmentally friendly and imaginative as Pallet Coasters, all the better. Modeled after a Euro pallet, the mini-coasters developed by a Barcelona-design studio called Labyrinth (designers Carmen Dullnig and Doron Hadar) are made from top quality recycled wood.

Pallet Coasters are suitable for all kinds of beverages, hot and cold, and although being the exact reproduction of their big brother – a Euro pallet – they are downsized to 1:10. The coasters come in set of 5, and are a great gift for men in particular.

Pallet coaster packaging

They come in a plush gift wrap, also made from recycled paper. There are two stamp-colours to choose from – black and red. The coasters are matt-lacquered and finished off well. The great thing about Pallet Coasters is that cups or glasses don’t stick to them, unlike with some coasters, and they are really fun to use.

You can also use them to lift bowls with hot food off tables or countertops. Pallet Coasters are made entirely in the European Union, and their size is 15 x 8 x 2 cm. Cleaning them is a breeze – just wipe them with a moist cloth.

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Pallet coasters

Pallet coasters

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