Paramount – Alma Residence by Plasma Studio

This unusually looking apartment building in the South Tyrol village called Sesto, Italy, near the Austrian border surely stands apart from the rest of the area. The Architects from Plasma Studio designed Paramount Alma Residence adorned with a slated form that seems to creep on the building. The architects needed to create a new circulation …

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With so many kinds of headphones on the market, sometimes it’s very hard to choose, but, if you are a lady, who likes to look sophisticated and elegant, while enjoying the good music, than the Molami Twine headphones are just the right ones for you. The Molami Twine headphones are created by industrial designer Maria …

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This Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, just 120 miles inside the Arctic Circle is no gimmick. It’s a real, stunning work of art that is used as a hotel. And it justifies the name. Icehotel is made of ice. Completely. It’s freezing cold and majestic. Every year in November loads of artists and engineers flock to …

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Lambent Chair, created by Glen Lewis-Steele was named using the adjective that has two different meanings that can describe the chair in short. The first meaning is of light, or fire and it represents something that glows, gleams, or flickers softly. The other meaning is more abstract and it represents something brilliant. The chair is …

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How many times have you wished that you had a camera at hand to record a precious moment in life? Well, here is a great new concept for you – Memoto – a wearable camera and GPS in one that you simply clip on and it goes wherever you go. Memoto is created by Swedish …

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Wouldn’t you like to have an amphibious vehicle of your own and feel a little bit like James Bond in „The Spy Who Loved Me”? How about the Sealander Swimming Caravan – a caravan and a boat, all rolled into one? The Sealander is an innovative lightweight mobile vehicle that is primarily a custom-made caravan, …

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If you need a shock and splash proof radio, then you can’t go wrong with the Lexon Tykho. It was designed by Marc Berthier and it is a proof that things do not need to be complicated to be perfect. It is a simple AM/FM radio that can be used with wet hands and in conditions …

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Nube Shower Head – Cloud Shaped – LED Equipped Shower Head

It feels like raining, but in the bathroom. It could be one of two things – the roof is leaking or the Nube Shower Head has just been installed. Spain-based industrial designer Chuan Tey is the brain behind Nube Shower Head (nube in Spanish means cloud), a cloud-like shower fixture with lights embedded on either …

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Your bathroom is also a living space, and its décor deserves as much attention as your living or dining room. Now here’s something that will bring a ‘Wow!’ quality to your bathroom – Axor Waterdream shower head / lamp installation designed by Japanese designer Oki Sato for Nendo. Axor , the designer brand of Hansgrohe, …

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