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A Guide to Buy Mini Bongs for Smoking

Mini bongs are getting extremely popular with the increase in demand for marijuana. They provide a smooth and clear hit for an instant high. The options like Roor mini bongs are super cool and perfect for boosting a smoking session. A typical small glass bong is made of super-eminent quality material and conveniently available in …

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11 Amazon Black Friday Deals You Shouldn’t Miss

Black Friday is approaching and it’s best to make your shopping list on time. Here we added some suggestions for the day you decide to visit and spend a considerable amount of money. Check out these 11 Amazon Black Friday deals and don’t miss a thing! 1 – OliveTech Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Fill your house …

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Backcountry Fast And Light Backpacking Gear

Last week we dedicated one of our articles to Backcountry Summer Activewear. Today, we decided to go with a theme that is not only popular but in these hot months exactly what we need. We are talking about light gear for outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, climbing, and camping. Check out the list below. 1 …

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Huckberry: Camping Gear For Your Summer Adventure

Whether you’re planning to head out for a weekend away or on an extending camping trip or trekking expedition, you’re going to want to have the right camping gear before you set off. If you’re looking to add a few more bits to your bag or if your camping gear is nonexistent, and you want …

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5 Best Coffee Makers

Each one of us has its own favorite coffee and prepares it in a different way. Today, we added five suggestions for coffee makers worth checking out. They bring something new to the table and deliver not only performance but style as well. Check them out below. 1 – Manual Coffee Maker N2 This pour over …

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9 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Amazon

If you’ve been reading jebiga this week, you noticed we did two specials for Mother’s Day, bein particular lists with gift ideas. Since the day is getting closer and there are plenty of ideas hiding up our sleeve, we present you the last one in the series. This time, all gifts are available on Amazon. So, let us …

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Coodo Prefabricated Modular House

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Coodo is a modular unit designed for a variety of uses. It can serve as a second home, office, retreat, or a fully functional living unit. This simple house is practical and gives you plenty of room for customization. First of all, let us explain its main features. Coodo is transportable so you can choose the location …

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Gift Guide | 12 Gift Ideas For The Camper


Our next gift guide is dedicated to outdoor and camping enthusiasts. In it, you’ll find high-quality tools and gadgets that are extremely useful and will make the entire camping experience way better. Also, we decided to go with affordable items since the holiday season is that time of the year when we usually spend a fortune. …

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Leopard | Full Face Snorkeling Mask


For eons, man has had a deep and intrinsic connection with the ocean. The ocean spells tales of mystery and intrigue to the curious human mind. We also know that below the waves, there lies a completely different world and it warrants discovery. Now, you can have the ability to discover those underwater worlds with …

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Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper


Osaka is a company with a strong belief that coffee is not just a drink or a commodity, but a specialty. We couldn’t agree more. This Pour-Over Coffee Dripper has everything necessary to home brew your coffee in the old-fashioned drip way. Let’s start with the construction. It has a stainless steel cone filter that helps …

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