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The 7th Room Treehotel


For those of you who love treehouses, what better than to stay in a tree hotel? Especially when this hotel is tucked in a Swedish natural landscape and built ten meters up in the pines. That’s right, The 7th Room is a perfect place to visit and you can even watch the Northern Lights from there. …

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Tepui | Vehicle Rooftop Tents


Even though camping can be an amazing experience, we all know that it is never fun to set up and break down your tent afterwards. Another issue with tents comes lies in the fact that it rarely has padding and you end up sleeping on the floor. Luckily for us, a fairly new idea has been …

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Gift Guide | 12 Gift Ideas For The Camper


Our next gift guide is dedicated to outdoor and camping enthusiasts. In it, you’ll find high-quality tools and gadgets that are extremely useful and will make the entire camping experience way better. Also, we decided to go with affordable items since the holiday season is that time of the year when we usually spend a fortune. …

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RuckBug Urban Outdoor Backpack


This is an excellent backpack for hikers and adventurers who have difficulties finding the perfect fit. Ruckbug Urban Outdoor Backpack has sturdy protective feet to make it stand. In the center is a wooden frame inspired by a traditional kayak structure. A large, removable lid, made from water repelling textile, covers the bag and provides full shelter …

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Burton X Danner Snowboard Boots


It’s never too early to start preparing for the upcoming winter season. Burton x Danner Snowboard Boot is a result of a collaboration between two top notch brands, all in order to create the ultimate winter sports footwear. The boots feature a classic mountain leather style and traditional lacing system. The Vibram Ecostep rubber outsole is there to provide …

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KampRite Double TentCot | An Elevated Double Tent


Earlier last week, we mentioned a unique sleeping bag from the Land Down Under. This time around, we are bringing you something with just as much uniquity. Introducing the KampRite Double TentCot. The KampRite is unique in the fact that it functions much like the Australian ‘Swag’, but it is also elevated off the ground. …

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Top 5 College Backpacks For Under $100

Whether it be for college, school, commuting, or even work, a decent quality backpack is a must. It needs to be lightweight, yet strong enough to carry all of your books, or essentials, and it must look good and have an air of uniquity about it. We all know that it feels awesome when you …

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Adventurer Inflatable SUP Package | By Tower Paddle Boards


Guys from Tower Paddle Boards introduced the Adventurer, an inflatable stand up paddle board. The performance of this board is similar to the performance of hard boards but this one has more benefits to it. Some of these benefits are definitely its portability, more options for easy storage and affordability. The Adventurer Inflatable SUP is made from …

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Buckster Bow Saw | By Filzer


If you’re planning to go camping, having proper equipment is key. Of course, there are many different things you should pack, from all the tent equipment, sleeping bags, gadgets and of course, tools. One of those necessary tools is definitely Buckster Bow Saw. With the Buckster Bow Saw you will cut firewood without hassle. Besides using it …

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Ortlieb Bike Packs


Sometimes it’s difficult to carry all the necessities when riding a bike. And we all know you need quite a lot of stuff if you’re going bike packing. Sure, the whole point is to pack light, but things like sleeping bags and tents do take space. Even if you’re not spending the night outdoors, there are still some things …

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