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Gauswheel Spirit | 2 Wheel Unicycle

You want something with the stability of a bicycle, but smaller? You want something like a skateboard or a scooter, but faster? Well, the Hungarians created exactly that. The Gauswheel Spirit is the perfect combination of those three. It’s made for an urban environment and although it may seem like a unicycle it has two …

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Cycling has never been safer now that the T2 bike helmet with integrated lights is available. This helmet is the successor of the T1 helmet both of which are made by Torch Apparel, a company which seeks to make cycling safer with these products. The T2 helmet is more durable, has longer battery life and comes …

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If you need a convenient yet highly efficient way to ship your beloved outdoor gear on a short bike trip, look no further than the Hinterher bike trailers. Designed and engineered by the Germany based company, these innovative, smart and cool trailers let you transport all your precious equipment and other critical cargo to and …

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Biking excursions sure are fun and enjoyable all over, but if just pedaling around town is not enough of a daring quest to satisfy your eager adventurous spirit, perhaps you should try and additionally enrich it with COBI smart connected bicycle system. Designed to enhance the cyclist’s experience and keep the riders connected and well-entertained …

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Bikes are a great mode of transport – they’re environmentally friendly, beneficial for your health, as well as highly affordable and relatively fast. The only problem is they get stolen quite a lot in big cities so you’d better keep an eye out on your two-wheeler 24/. But what if your bike just can’t fit …

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There seems to be no time to rest for the designers of innovative transportation modes. From foldable bicycles, electric skateboards, heavy drift trikes and eco-friendly motorbikes to super-fast ’green’ cars, affordable luxury yachts and surfboards made from recycled materials, the creative playground seems to be constantly expanding with more and more brilliant ideas finding their …

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The Bike Intermodal is a folding bike product that might take the cake in front of other such products however amazing they might be. This is so mostly due to the fact that the most important feature of a folding bike is its size and portability. When folded, the Bike Intermodal has the dimensions of …

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Bicycles keep getting crazier, more inventive and more original. We have featured quite a few over the past few months, but the one we are about to show you is in a league of its own. It is Leaux Racing Trike (not a bike, but a trike), and it was invented by an 18-year-old high …

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What would you get if you put together recent cycling innovations such as folding bikes, electric pedal-assist bicycles, various smart biking applications and illuminated wheels? Well, though this task may seem far-fetched to some, it has indeed been done and to great success – and the result is Gi-Bike. Lightweight, smartphone integrated, electric folding bike …

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Remember Segway and an innovative concept it was based on – ‘dynamic stabilization’? Well, this compact eco-friendly personal transportation device we are featuring could easily cause a small revolution in moving just like Segway. It is called the Solowheel, and it is really a remarkable piece of engineering. This gyro-stabilized electric unicycle is designed by …

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