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Zen Float Tent | A Modern Isolation Tank For The Home


For those of you who haven’t ever heard of an isolation tank (also referred to as floatation tank or sensory deprivation chamber), this is a device that was designed and invented by a medical practitioner and neurophysiologist called John C. Lily in 1954. His original idea was to study the effects of sensory deprivation; in …

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Space Station Tent | By Mountain Hardwear


If you’re planning to go on a high-altitude expedition, you need to prepare everything and plan ahead. The main thing is setting up a basecamp and the Space Station Tent by Mountain Hardwear would make a perfect operations center or dining hall. It’s dome-shaped, and it has a floor area of 284 square feet, which …

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Tent With Lightning Strike Protection | By Kama Jania

According to statistics, the chances of getting struck by lightning are rare. But what’s alarming is the fact that in 96% of times, this happens to people that are in open environments. This means campers, hikers, climbers or anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors should be very careful when the weather turns bad. Industrial …

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Cocoon Tent Treehouse | Man’s Outdoor Love Nest


If you like camping and spending time outdoors, you can now prolong your outdoor activities and make them a more enjoyable experience. The Cocoon Tent Treehouse is a beautifully designed treehouse tent that’s completely waterproof, very lightweight and also inexpensive. It can be set up in just two hours and once you get in there, …

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MSR Flylite | 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent


Having a good tent is the key for successful camping.  MSR Flylite is a minimalist backpacking tent that takes advantage of tracking poles you already have with you, to make pitching the tent easier. It uses standard trekking poles and is ideal for hikers and backpackers who already carry them. You’ll be surprised just how …

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With the Clark NX-270 Hammock Tent, a four season camping hammock, there will no such thing as too cold or too wet weather for you to go on your outdoor adventures. The patented hammocks from the Clark Jungle Hammock Co. are the world’s best all-season hammocks because of the incredible amount of protection and comfort …

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If camping is your thing and you’re looking to enhance your outdoor experience, you should definitely check out the new Pod Tents by M2C Innovation. M2C Innovation is a UK based company that is focused on improving the social aspect of camping by turning small tents into genuine multi roomed dwellings. With these tents, socializing …

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Because we are always on the lookout for cool camping gear which helps you out when packing, we couldn’t help but take notice of the Moedal & Totem Backpack Tent, designed by Tenativ, which offers you a 40 L capacity backpack along with a one-person three-season tent. This greatly reduces the time needed to pack …

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You will never again have to choose between the insect and rain protection a tent offers and comfort which a hammock offers, now that the Lawson Blue Ridge Tent and Hammock In-One is here. Every camper has at some point faced this dilemma, but this is now a thing of the past. This tent/hammock combo …

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