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Much to the dismay of adrenaline junkies, summer’s officially over and the season of sun-washed outdoor activities is nearing its end. Gone are the days of heat, sweat and shine spent kayaking, biking, hiking and swimming until small hours, or just lazying around the beach or poolside with a refreshing cocktail close at hand. But …

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Smith Optics created the I/O Recon Goggles that enable you to enjoy the complete world of relevant information on the go. Having next generation of GPS and Bluetooth MOD Live technology integrated in the I/O makes this product surprisingly comprehensive. The mentioned MOD Live technology integrates various information and presents it to you literally right …

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PackTowl Nano Light Ultrafast-Drying Towel


Packtowl Nano is a quick drying towel that’s incredibly light and can be carried anywhere. This towel is especially useful for camping and hiking since it can be easily packed, uses little space and is a powerful absorbent. It’s great for face, hands, wiping sweat after an exercise or cleaning smaller items like glasses or ski …

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Manly Hobbies For All Types Of Men Out There

A busy lifestyle can sometimes drain the life out of you. We spend a lot of time surrounded by phones, TV, computers, and just lying around the house. It’s important to have balance in your life. You must find a way to relieve your stress levels, do something interesting and creative in your spare time. It’s great …

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PowerRay Underwater Fishing Drone

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If you’re anything like us, then fishing is a great way to relax, and we’re always trying to catch the big one. However, we all know that fishing is not only a game based on skill and knowledge, but it also relies quite heavily on luck. Thanks to technology, from PowerVision Robotics Corporation, everything changes. …

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Vollebak Condition Black Jacket


Designed to be a “battle armour for snow sports and adventure”, Vollebak Condition Black Jacket is almost indestructible. Whatever you’re doing, in all harsh weather conditions and extreme situations, it will provide the necessary comfort, warmth and durability. It’s constructed of multiple layers using military grade materials. The layers are elastic, breathable and insulated, as well as windproof …

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When it comes to ski and snowboarding gear, we have you pretty much covered with the products we have been featuring in the last month or so – snow goggles, back protectors, snowboarding footwear, and even bearded ski masks. This time around we are showcasing a really cool, simple and elegant ski helmet produced by …

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If you cannot imagine your life without a weekly dose of jogging around a park, then perhaps, in the near future, you will not be able to imagine jogging without Sony SmartEyeglass Attach. The latest creation by Sony, it was presented during the CES 2015, the greatest tech show on earth. Unlike its lengthy name, …

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With the winter approaching fast and heavy snows straight ahead, we have just the right piece of sports gear after the taste of avid surfers and keen snowboarders – with the new Mountain Surfer by Jones Snowboards, you can carve, shred and slash all the white winter waves you can take! Created to provide a …

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The summer thrills and poolside fun are now far behind us and hot weekends of sun-speckled outdoor adventures are over for the year, but that’s no excuse to close the door to the world outside, go all couch-potato in front of the telly and grudge about the icy cold, knee-deep snow and grey days. With …

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