All ye keen campers, rejoice! Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace has hit the market in three useful sizes, promising to make your outdoor cooking experience much more comfortable and a whole lot safer.

The folding Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace offers a convenient and safe way to enjoy campfires and charcoal fires without damaging the local vegetation. The fireplace raises the fire off the ground and contains both charcoal and wood, thus limiting the amount of waste left behind at a campsite and it also keeps the terrain safe from the negative effects of open fires.

Thanks to its ingenious design, the foldable fireplace can be opened and easily assembled so it’s immediately ready to use on campgrounds without pre-arranged fire rings or on spots where campfires are prohibited without a fire pan. Once set up, it’s very stable as it takes the shape of an inverted pyramid, thus offering a perfect base for a fire-pit.

After you’ve done with your cooking and are set to leave your camping site, you simply clean up your portable fireplace (the shovel in the Campfire Tool Set will come in handy when scooping up ashes), fold it and neatly store it away into the carrying case. As it folds flat when not in use, the Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace will take up minimum storage space and ensure easy transport.

Foldable and portable camp fireplace

The foldable camp fireplace is made of 1.5 mm stainless steel that can withstand high temperatures without warping or other heat-related damage, and it’s also coated to prevent any kind of corrosion. It’s also highly economical on wood and mostly burns it down to fine ash, so cleaning up is a piece of cake. It can also be combined with many add-on cooking and grill accessories such as cast iron tripods and fire-tongs to produce a sophisticated cooking fire on your outdoor adventure.

The Pack and Carry Fireplace is available in three sizes, small, medium and large, so take your pick, grab your camping gear, find a suitable spot and get that camp fire going wherever you want it without damaging the grass and ground by heat.

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Pack and carry camp fireplace

Foldable camp grill

Foldable camp grill and fireplace

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