OxyLED | Automatic Motion-Sensing LED Light Bar


Each one of us can name at least one spot we’d wish had more light. Whether it’s your closet, garage, shelf or any other spot, OxyLED will take care of it. This motion sensing LED is so functional you can stick it pretty much anywhere.

The first feature we’re mentioning is the light activation. Thanks to automatic sensing technology, the light will turn on when you’re 3 meters close to it. Also, once you walk out of its range, the light will turn off after 15 seconds. OxyLED is powered by 4pcs AAA batteries that are not included.


OxyLED is an automatic motion-sensing LED light bar that can be placed anywhere.

In order to set the light, all you have to do is stick it. It has an adhesive strip with magnetic fields so the installation is super easy. In fact, you won’t be needing tools, screws or nuts. OxyLED is packed with 10 super bright environmentally friendly and energy saving LEDs. Two things important to know is that the light can only be turned on in darkness environment and that you shouldn’t put 2 sensing night lights too close since the light of one may cause the other to turn on.

Get it from Amazon here.

OxyLED placed in different places in the house

Thanks to an adhesive strip with magnetic fields, all you have to do is stick it.

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