If you are a fan of the Segway, then you will flip out after taking one look at the Oxboard. The Oxboard uses similar gyroscope technology seen in the Segway but it abandons the armrest and lets you use it solely through shifting your body. As it is much smaller in size and without the armrest, you can store it and carry it around wherever you might go. By combining the best from the Segway and the skateboard culture, this scooter provides a fun mode of transport which is easy to use. On a full charge, the Oxboard can go on for about twelve miles before a recharge is required and it has a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour. It may not be the fastest “scooter” out there, but it sure is fun to use it and it allows you to rotate 360 degrees around your axis.

Oxboard use

By slightly shifting your body, you can turn, speed up and perform 360 degree rotations

Although the main principle behind its use is simple, you will still need at least half an hour to get the hang of it. The abandoning of the armrest was a good move, but it does remove a certain degree of security. Another advantage it has over the Segway is the much problematic issue of the price. It is well known that they are quite pricy, going up to $8.000. The Oxboard is more modest in price as it requires you to put aside slightly below 900 bucks. Still expensive, but not Segway expensive.

Oxboard Segway comparison

The Oxboard is more convenient and cheaper than the Segway

The Oxboard looks extremely good too, and it is available in three color variants: black, white and red. The Dutch manufacturers assure us that this can be your ultimate personal transporter. [via]

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Oxboard battery power

Oxboard’s battery allows you to go up to 12 miles

Check out the Oxboard in action.

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