Overview of wind and sun protection systems for terraces and patios

Wind and sun protection and patio and terrace systems are designed to provide maximum comfort while outdoors and protection from the sun’s rays and other negative external factors.

Modern and unique patio solutions are offered by our company Valley Covers, whose main goal is to transform outdoor spaces. We work throughout North California. Among the benefits of working with us:

  1. A wide range of patio covers that harmonize with the architecture of the house and with the surrounding nature.
  2. Installation of pergolas and patio sun shades/patios within strict deadlines.
  3. Reasonable prices for high quality security systems.
  4. Patio cover customization.

Protective systems for patios and terraces

They are represented by several species, each of which has its own characteristic features.

Awnings with regulation possibility (blinds)

Awnings with regulation possibility (blinds) - Valley Covers

Patio blinds are a stylish, functional and practical solution to create an aesthetic and comfortable outdoor space. Blinds are presented in the form of vertical or horizontal lamellae that provide privacy, allow you to adjust the level of light and shade, and protect from the impact of negative environmental factors.

The louvered cover has gained widespread use due to:

  1. Versatility. They can be used to equip outdoor terraces, dining areas or poolside seating areas.
  2. Aesthetics. The unique and stylish design of louvers allows you to create attractive looking and aesthetic patio covers that enhance and complement the architecture.
  3. Providing natural ventilation. 

When creating patio blinds, we use durable materials of high quality, making the coverings characterized by durability, know more. The vertical awning works on the principle of roller blinds with side guides. The blinds can be operated from a phone or tablet, or with buttons or a remote control. They can be easily integrated with Acura and Vista pergolas and Skyline guillotine glazing systems.

Lattice patio cover

Presented in the form of special grids or pergolas. Installed over open space to create shade, protection from the sun. Lattices are a functional and decorative solution. Their advantages include:

  • effective protection from sunlight (especially relevant for regions with hot climates);
  • Providing ventilation and access to fresh air;
  • ensuring the penetration of natural light.

Taking into account the location of the outdoor space, the amount of sunlight, the purpose of the patio, allows you to create grids of optimal functionality. 

Hard surfacing for patios

Hard surfacing for patios - Valley Covers

It is made of durable materials (its choice depends on personal preferences, budget and design style of the building), which significantly increases the service life and resistance to wear and tear. This type of patio cover is laid over an open area and creates a solid, stable covering. A solid roof provides more protection from rain, sun or wind and creates a cozy atmosphere.

This coating does not require complicated maintenance, as it is easy to clean from dirt, which makes it convenient to use. Some models can be equipped with a ventilation system, built-in lights and other additional functions.

This type of cover is versatile, it fits perfectly into outdoor spaces of any design and is easy to customize. It can be integrated with Acura, Vista pergolas, Skyline guillotine glazing systems.

Automatic shading

Automatic shading - Valley Covers

The ZIP system is made of high quality materials and advanced solutions, which makes it not only functional but also practical. Automatic shading is available in different colors and is represented by several models. This system is robust yet elegant and can be used with a variety of architectural styles.

The ZIP automatic system is equipped with LED lighting and intelligent controls, making it a unique solution for providing sun protection and creating the most comfortable environment. It is ideal for verandas, transparent glass roofs/ceilings, and winter gardens.

The development of patio covers is based on the architectural features of the house, personal preferences and functional needs of the client. Thus, we manage to create personalized design solutions for any architectural style, where each system will be an organic continuation of the interior and exterior.

More detailed information about the range of coatings, their features, can be found on the website of our company. 

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