Outrider Electric Adventure Vehicle | Ultralight Supercharged Electric Trike


Usually when we think of trikes, we imagine a lot of pedaling. Well, that is definitely not the case with the Outrider Electric Adventure Vehicle. Essentially, this vehicle is a trike that has been electrically supercharged.

Ultralight and suitable as a commuter or ripping up trails, the Outrider was built for the adventurous spirit.

With four different riding modes, adventure is at your fingertips, or feet, as the case may be.

Outrider Electric Adventure Vehicle Alpha

This is the Alpha model that is primarily used for on-road commuting.

The Outrider was built for ease of use and comfort. These trikes are recumbent in design, and allows for four different pedaling modes. The first is pedal-powered, then electric assisted, then full electric, and finally, hand-pedaling. This just depends where you are and how you would like to ride. It’s not only for adventure though and makes an excellent urban commuter. Check out the video below.

Outrider Electric Adventure Vehicle Horizon

The Horizon model was built slightly different and is best suited for off-road activities.

Needless to say, Outrider’s trikes were designed for high performance. They also come with power settings that allow you to adjust how much, or how little, electrical power you want to use.

Outrider Electric Adventure Vehicle Hand-Pedaled Alpha

For about an added $2000, you can even customize both outrider models to support hand-pedaling.

The Outrider can be purchased in two different models – the ‘Alpha’ which is primarily rated for road use. The ‘Horizon’, on the other hand, was built for off-road use. The base model comes with a 1kWh battery and has a range of approximately 25 – 40 miles. However, it is customizable up to a 4kWh battery with a range of 100 – 160 miles. It can also reach speeds of 30 – 40 miles per hour.

Furthermore, both versions come with a wide variety of customizations to suit your particular style and needs. (via)

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