If you are really not up to spending upwards of $1,400 for a waterproof camera case (yes, the quality ones cost that much), and would regret not taking hilarious, silly, or National Geographic-style underwater photograph or two on your holiday, consider OUTEX SLR Camera Drysuit. Yes, a drysuit for your camera!

OUTEX hermetically seals SLR cameras and protects them from the elements, be it water (tested to 10 meters/33 feet), mud, sand, dirt or snow, without compromising on the quality of your photographs. With OUTEX, you will still be able to maintain the complete control over camera functions. OUTEX casing is made of waterproof, extremely durable and strong latex. It is also light, quite flexible to use, and quick and easy to install.

The OUTEX creators and avid photographers – J.R. de Souza and Roberto Miglioli – spent a lot time perfecting the product in order to make it appealing to the needs of market-specific still photography like surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, mountain climbing etc. They also equipped OUTEX with the video/LCD viewfinder which suits both still photography and video markets. Even the ‘big guns’ became interested in the product, including National Geographic, VOGUE, and Red Bull.

The inventors of OUTEX took the project to Kickstarter and managed to collect an amazing $44,368 to mass produce it. Their goal was $10,500.

So, why you should own OUTEX camera casing? To quote its creators: „To protect your investment, your work and your memories.” watch video below

OUTEX SLR Camera Drysuit Kit

OUTEX SLR Camera Drysuit Kit in mud

OUTEX SLR Camera Drysuit Kit being used underwater

OUTEX SLR Camera Drysuit Kit being put in use

OUTEX SLR Camera Drysuit Kit

OUTEX SLR Camera Drysuit Kit floating in the sea

OUTEX SLR Camera Drysuit Kit on a sandy beach surrounded by water

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