Otto’s Over-Fired Broiler | The 1700⁰F/970⁰C Gas Grill For That Perfect Steak


Anyone that knows how to cook knows that being adept at the culinary arts is just as much an art as painting is. Even when one has mastered the culinary arts on a Chef’s level, there still remains a skill that few people have mastered and that is the ability to cook the perfect steak. Otto Wilde Grillers aims to aid you in this endeavor with their O.F.B (Over-Fired Broiler) Gas Grill.

Pre-order at a discounted price from Kickstarter here.

To cook the perfect steak, you need extremely high temperatures which aim to “seal” the juices inside through a process called the ‘Maillard Reaction’; this allows you to have a crusty outside while the inside is juicy and tender. This is exactly what the O.F.B does since it can reach astonishing temperatures up to 1700⁰F/970⁰C. By utilizing two infrared gas units that are situated at the top of the grill, the O.F.B not only evenly distributes heat but also has a super-quick 3 minute preheat time. Of course, the grill heat level is adjustable to suit your needs.

Steak that has been cooked on one side with Otto's over-fired broiler

The grill is made from solid cast iron for perfect heat distribution and can fit most steak sizes.

The entire grill height is adjustable as well so that you can get the perfect distance to the gas units while the grid size has been designed to fit most steaks cuts which include those massive, delicious Porterhouse steaks. The grid has been made from solid cast iron which ensures proper heat distribution and by making the top removable, the O.F.B is very easy to clean. Even though we mostly spoke with steaks in mind, the O.F.B can also be used for chicken, fish, sausages, vegetables, burgers and desserts.

Otto's over-fired broiler cooking different things

The O.F.B is not only for steak and is limited only by your imagination.

At the moment the O.F.B is a Kickstarter campaign and they have already smashed their original goal. So, you better support them before the early-bird specials run out. Check out the video below.

Pre-order at a discounted price from Kickstarter here.

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