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Vintage has been back on the scene for quite a few years now even when it comes to modes of transport, particularly bicycles. One of the bicycle manufacturers that have picked up on this nostalgia for yesteryears is Barcelona-based Oto Cycles, a company made of a great team of enthusiasts with the passion for classic design. Their newest baby is a vintage-styled, 1950’s inspired, electric bicycle called OtoR.

At first glance, OtoR does look interestingly old-fashioned with its classic bike grips and a chrome tank that resembles motorcycles from circa 1936. But on closer inspection, this is a modern, 250w, 500w or 750w motor-operated bicycle with all the features that cyclists demand from contemporary bicycles. OtoR can travel at speeds of up to 34 miles per hour (54 km per hour). It comes with a 5-level cycle computer LCD display (mounted on the handle bars), 160 mm disc brakes, 24-inch-tires, a Brooks saddle (model B67), the Start and Go system which allows you to go 0-6 km/h without any pedaling, the accelerator pedal, and the grip PAS system (half twist).

OtoR electric bicycle can be completely customized with a wide variety of tires, saddles, colours, motors, batteries and other parts. As far as the battery goes, it will need recharging every 26 miles providing that you are travelling at a constant speed of at least 15.5 miles per hour. watch video below

Otor electric bicycle by Oto Cycles

Otor electric bicycle from Barcelona

Otor electric bicycle from Barcelona

Otor electric bicycle

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