Are you tired of trying to store your skis or other stuff on overpriced car racks which rarely have enough space for all of them? If your answer is yes, then stay with us as we are going to show you a good solution to the problem of limited car storage space.

That solution is the Otium SoftRack, a rack which has a simple setup and allows you to carry whatever you want, wherever you want, safely.

The SoftRack fits on all cars

The SoftRack can be mounted on cars of all sizes

The Otium SoftRack has a large number of advantages over most car racks for which you need to dish out an obscene amount of money. The first one is that you receive a protective case with a carrying strap with it which makes it a portable car rack. You can’t say that about the usual metal contraptions which pass as car racks, can you? The Otium SoftRack is extremely easy to set up as it takes only two minutes to do so. The process is pretty straightforward: place the rack on the car, put your stuff on the rack and simply tighten the strap of the SoftRack. After that you are good to go. I know that you are probably skeptical about this lightweight car rack so let me reassure you. Even though it is a light piece of equipment (it weighs only 4 lbs with the carrying case included), the materials from which it is made from will make sure that it efficiently does what it is intended to do.

Security loops

The SoftRack has 7 reinforced security loops for customized use

The SoftRack features an anti-slip and anti-scratch top and bottom made from Toughtek rubber so no damage can occur both to your equipment and car and not to mention that your stuff won’t be lost somewhere on the road to your destination. The water resistant closed cell foam blocks of this car rack are protected by a durable, weatherproof canvas exterior so you can transport your equipment no matter what the weather is like. The SoftRack is also equipped with 7 reinforced security loops for customized use. The entire rack is secured with a 2″ D-ring system for vibration free transport.

Otium SoftRack weather resistant

The Otium SoftRack is made from weather resistant materials

Another advantage over regular car racks is that it can be mounted on any car, big or small. As for the measurements, it measures 44″ x 4″ x 4″ and the fastening straps are 7 feet long. A testament to the reliability of this car rack is a test which involved a 10 ft kayak strapped to a car by a SoftRack running 75 mph in which both the kayak and the rack remained in their initial position. This project is currently undergoing a crowd-funding campaign on Crowd Supply and you can pre-order a SoftRack for just $125.

If you are looking to get yourself a reliable car rack for transporting whatever comes to mind then the SoftRack is a good choice. It’s light, portable, reliable and it is not ridiculously priced. Visit their Crowd Supply page for pre-order options and more info. watch video below

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