Just a while after we presented to you the Ostrich Pillow, the designers from Kawamura-Ganjavian in collaboration with Studio Banana Things created the Ostrich Pillow Light, a portable version of their very successful previous product.

The idea came from loads of feedback from the people who loved the pillow and needed a more portable version suited for travelers. And here it is.

The Ostrich Pillow Light is a smaller version of the previous version due to the fact that the Ostrich Pillow Light is designed specifically for travelers and commuters. It is designed to serve as a comfy ring around your head, covering your eyes and ears, but not excluding you from the surrounding area as much as the Ostrich Pillow does.

Women using the Ostrich Pillow Light in the bus

In return, it is lighter, smaller (35.5cm in length, 17cm in width and 10cm in height) and a bit more practical for carrying around. It will make resting your head against a bus window much more comfortable, while reducing the power of the sounds around you. When not used, it can be tucked away or simply drawn around your neck to serve as a stylish scarf.

Having in mind that it is designed for commuters as well, they might take into consideration the safety issues of being blindfolded and asleep in public transport in some of the big cities around the world, but on longer trips, planes and family trips, we can’t think of a better solution for a quick refreshing nap. [via] watch video below

Get it from Amazon here

Women wearing the Ostrich Pillow Light on her neck

Man using the Ostrich Pillow Light by Kawamura-Ganjavian in the subway

Ostrich Pillow Light by Kawamura-Ganjavian

Portable Ostrich Pillow Light by Kawamura-Ganjavian

Ostrich Pillow Light by Kawamura-Ganjavian

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