Ossia’s COTA Can Charge All Of Your Devices Wirelessly

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True wireless charging has been the chase of a dream for many. To be able to simply walk into a room, and your mobile charges automatically in your pocket. No wires, no struggles, no worries. Well, thanks to the brainchild of Ossia’s CTO Hatem Zeine, this has just become a reality. Introducing the Ossia COTA.

Unveiled at CES 2017 earlier this month, Cota (charging over the air), has the ability to charge 30 devices simultaneously at a range of about 3 meters (9.84 feet). However, even though it is a breakthrough, it is still at a very early stage.

How the Ossia Cota charges your devices

The Ossia Cota can charge up to 30 devices at a time. It does this via a 2.45GHz signal, and a low power beacon in your devices. (source)

Essentially, the major drawback lays in the fact that it can only charge at a rate of 1 watt per device. This is because of wireless safety regulations; meaning, your phone will charge at a rate of 5 to 7 times slower than an ordinary charger. However, Ossia said that they will be working on this issue in the future to ensure faster charging times. Check out the video below.

Ossia Table Top Charger

Ossia imagines a world where none of your devices would ever need a battery replacement. Nor a world where you would need wires to charge any of your devices.

It also works the same way that a wireless router does. It has a low power beacon in your device that sends the signal to the Cota device, which then in turn sends power over the air at a 2.45 GHz signal. Ossia also said that this device won’t interfere with your wireless signals and can even double as routers.

Ossia Cota AA Batteries

These batteries allow your non-rechargeable devices to also function with Cota.

In addition to this, you can also purchase specialized AA batteries that can allow your non-rechargeable devices to be charged by Cota as well. At the moment, there is no pricing available for Cota but it should be released later this year.

Check it out at Ossia here.

Top cover of Ossia's new Cota

The new Ossia Cota model

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