Orison Home Battery

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Orison is a home battery system that will optimize energy, reduce your electricity bill and power your home. It’s very efficient because it stores electricity while utility rates are low and then powers the home when the rates are high. In case there’s a power outage, Orison will automatically power your home.

Orison can be used with any power source including grid power. It’s a great option for those using solar energy since it will store the energy solar panels produce so you can use it whenever you need it. It’s very easy to set up, just plug it into an existing wall outlet. It doesn’t require installation or electricians.

Orison Tower And Orison Panel

Orison is a home battery system that will power your home while saving and optimizing energy consumption. There’s Orison Tower and Orison Panel.

Orison can be easily moved and used not only for homes but for people living in RVs or dorms. It can store 2.2 kWh, has roundtrip AC efficiency of 90% and comes with a 10-year/5,000 lifecycle warranty. “Once you better understand your energy budget, you could run off the storage all day and only charge at night. We do foresee this becoming a common desired occurrence. Having this type of capability would allow customers to really budget.” said Eric Clifton, co-founder and CEO of Orison.

Orison Towe Placed In A Living Room

Orison can store 2.2 kWh and to set it up all you need to do is plug it into a wall outlet.

Orison offers two products- Orison Tower and Orison Panel. The Orison Panel weighs 38 lbs, its dimensions are 22 x 28 inches. It can be mounted on a wall, has LED lights and you can customize the look of it. Orison Tower weighs 40 lbs, its dimensions are 34 x 9 inches. It has some cool additional features like LED light, Bluetooth speaker and induction phone charger.

Orison Panel Mounted On A Wall

Orison Panel can be mounted on a wall. It serves as an LED light as well.

Orison is wirelessly linked via Orison Cloud. It uses different information like utility rates, peak demand charges, weather and blackout alerts to set an optimal schedule for your home. There’s an app where you can control the system, program times for charging and discharging, manage different devices and see your energy savings. You can also calculate the return on investment using Orison Calculator. [via]

Orison Tower In A Room

If there’s a power outage, Orison will automatically power your home.

Check out this video to see how Orison works. 

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