For lovers of unique gear who look for more than mere functionality in their gadgets, we are glad to present Pebble 2, a wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker with a built-in mic by Orée, the famous producer of artistically designed emotional tech equipment based in south France.

Following the release of the iconic wooden wireless keyboard and touchpad, Orée has once more looked to natural materials for inspiration and came up with an originally designed device that combines a smartphone wireless charger, 360° Bluetooth speaker and a microphone all packed in one solid block made from Carrare white marble, French walnut or tilia. In order to juice up your smartphone, you just need to put it on top of the Pebble 2 and it will automatically begin charging thanks to the simple induction system (known as the QI standardized technology) which is compatible with a growing number of smartphones currently offered on the market. Owners of iPhone 5 and 5S whose beloved gadgets are not yet upgraded to the QI technology can use the wireless power sleeve, made from premium walnut and genuine vegetable tanned leather and available in either natural or indigo blue, to both wirelessly charge and protect their iPhones with style.

Oree Pebble 2

Furthermore, Pebble 2 allows you to listen to your favorite music as it syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can enjoy a powerful and rich audio playback thanks to the built-in bass reflex chamber and high-quality 5W loudspeaker. Pebble 2 also lets you take hands-free calls by a simple touch of the block, and its omnidirectional full duplex microphone transfers voice in outstanding clarity and filters out potential echoes and background noise.

And if all this is not good enough for your standards, Orée paid meticulous attention to additional handy details – even the Pebble USB cable is fabric braided, allowing you to connect your charging deck to an included power adapter or simply hook it to your PC via the USB cable.

Made from finest materials and supreme electronics, the beautifully designed Pebble 2 wireless charger by Orée provides a rare versatility of functions to keep your phone juiced up and your space filled with music while at the same time adding a stylish note to your home or office. watch video below

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Wireless charger and speaker

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