Despite all of the amazing advancements made in the world of outdoor gear, sometimes it’s just better to turn towards old-fashioned equipment. Modern gas-powered stoves, for instance, are excellent and indispensable tools and they do the job efficiently, but simple stoves, like the Optimus Svea White Gas Stove, can perform as good as them. The Optimus Svea White Gas Stove is simple in every way; it features a classic design, it’s made from nothing but brass, and yet it still manages to have a decent heat output and excellent additional features. It’s an easy-to-use, compact and reliable piece of gear which will make every camper and hiker happy to own one.

Parts and Features

Optimus Svea White Gas Stove style and materials

The Optimus Svea White Gas Stove has a retro design and is made entirely out of brass

The Optimus Svea White Gas Stove has three main parts: a top cover, a screw-on windscreen and the stove with the integrated fuel tank. The top cover has an additional feature; it can be used as a cookpot so you don’t have to pack extra stuff. This is where the windscreen’s additional feature becomes apparent as it serves as a support for the cookpot. The fuel tank (or the actual stove, if you will) has a regulating key so you can control the heat output at all times. Plus it’s attached to the stove with a chain so you don’t lose it on your camping trip.

Primming and Heat Output

Optimus Svea White Gas Stove features

This stove uses its own top cover as a cookpot so you can pack lighter

What is different about this white gas stove and the rest is that it doesn’t have a pump used for primming. Instead, you have to pour fuel into the spirit cup at the base of the burner and light it to pre-heat the stove and have it ready for use. Very simple to do. As for the main feature of this stove, it is very powerful (for a camping stove, of course) because it has an energy output of 1.400W which means that you can boil a pot filled with water in about 7 minutes.

Optimus Svea White Gas Stove heat output

The heat output of this stove will boil the cookpot full of water in 7 minutes

The Optimus Svea White Gas Stove will come in handy to anyone who likes to make longer trips in the outdoors and it will provide them with all the benefits of a camping stove. Plus, its retro look will make you appreciate it even more.

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