NEW! Opinel No. 12 Explore | A Survival Knife, Firesteel, Whistle And Gut-hook


Opinel is a company that makes various high-quality outdoor tools and knives. If you’re looking for a knife for trekking, hunting, fishing, and survival expeditions, look no further, Opinel No. 12 Explore is a new and great choice.

Probably its most important quality is its versatility. It can be used as a camp knife, a field kitchen knife and a hunting knife. In addition to its powerful blade, it incorporates a fire starter, a survival whistle, and a removable sturdy hook blade.

Orange Opinel No. 12 Explore

Opinel No. 12 Explore is at the same time a survival knife, a fire starter, whistle, and gut-hook.

Like most of their knives, this one also features 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade. It’s very sharp, easy to sharpen and it won’t rust. The 6-inch handle is made from rubber and reinforced fiberglass. This makes it great for withstanding shock, water, and extreme temperatures (-40°C to +80°C) but also to sit comfortably in the hand.

Opinel No. 12 Explore On A Wooden Log

This knife has a Sandvik stainless steel blade and a tough ergonomic handle.

Opinel No. 12 Explore has a Virobloc system that locks and keeps the blade secure. As for its additional features, there’s, of course, the built-in fire-starter placed at the bottom of the handle. When you need it, just pull the pin out, rub it on the back of the blade and you’ll get 5,000-degree sparks.

Opinel No. 12 Explore Being Used As A Whistle

You can use it as a survival whistle as well.

Also inside the handle, you’ll find a survival whistle that creates 110 decibels and can be heard for more than 300m. As for the gut-hook type blade, it’s removable and great for cutting cords. The knife weighs only 5 oz. The size is 10 inches long when opened and 6 inches when closed.

Opinel No. 12 Explore comes in orange and green. There’s an option to personalize it by engraving a blade. Just choose one of the fonts available, your text or artwork when ordering.

Three Images Of Opinel No. 12 Explore

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