Opinel Le Petit Chef Set | Knife Set For Kids


Last time we mentioned Opinel, it was about their extremely useful and tough survival knife. Now we have something different in mind, but also made with high-quality standards. Opinel Le Petit Chef Set will teach kids how to hold a knife properly as well as many other things.

In this set, you get a finger guard, a peeler and a kitchen knife. All are made to both teach your kids to cook and keep them safe. With this in mind, the 4-inch knife comes with a rounded tip. A nice addition is a ring that will keep their fingers from slipping onto the blade.

using a knife to cut onion

Opinel Le Petit Chef Set will teach kids how to cook and properly and safely use a knife.

As for the materials, the knife and peeler feature stainless steel blades. This allows you to clean them easily but also to keep using them for many years since the steel won’t corrode. The fact that the tip of the knife is round doesn’t mean that it’s not sharp. Important to note is that you should always supervise your kid when using the knife. The set can be a nice Christmas gift as well.

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opinel knife set for kids

The set comes with a stainless steel knife, peeler and finger guard for protection.

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