Open Concept Green Office Building In France | By NL*A Paris

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Imagine instead of spending your work hours in boring boxed spaces, your office looks more like a zen garden. You would want to spend more hours there and look forward to heading to work every day. Nicolas Laisné Associés (NL*A Paris) revealed plans for new Offices With Terraces.

This awesome idea will feature natural light and plenty of greenery. Offices will have an open terrace area, decorated to look like small gardens. The idea is to integrate landscape with flexible open workspaces. This way, the classic workspace will be transformed into an eco-friendly environment. One more interesting thing about it is that the passages, that are usually in the center of the building, are moved to be around the building. This way, the central part is free, and can be used for other things.

Open Concept Green Office Building In France From The Outside

Each office is designed to have its own small garden terrace.

The Passages On Open Concept Green Office Building In France

Passages are moved to be around the building.

Offices With Terraces is part of the Nice Méridia technopole development and will include around 68,889 sq ft of office space, and the additional 6,458 sq ft of retail space on the ground floor. The project is expected to create 4,000 jobs.

Inside f The Office In Open Concept Green Office Building In France

Terraces will help regulate indoor climate.

Each terrace will protect offices from direct sunlight, and will help regulate the indoor climate. Some of the offices will lead to a bigger open garden space, so meetings can be held there. The rooftop also has two big garden areas. What’s really cool is that the rainwater system will collect the water and use it to irrigate the greenery.

One Terrace In Open Concept Green Office Building In France

Terrace made for business meetings.

Just like NL*A Paris stated: “These offices with terraces are perfectly designed for the Mediterranean climate and suggest a new approach to life in the workplace.” It’s expected to finish everything and open by 2018. [via]

To learn more about this project and other NL*A Paris projects, check out their website.

Watch this video to see how Offices With Terraces will look like. 

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