The Oomph | A Highly Efficient Portable Coffee Maker

from $55.50

The Oomph is a coffee maker perfect for all the coffee lovers out there since you can take it anywhere with you. It’ll brew coffee and keep it warm, at a temperature that’s perfect for drinking. Whenever you drink it, there’s a dynamic mixer that will stir your coffee, so it tastes the same always. With it, your coffee will taste just like the one you get in a coffee shop, made using all those fancy machines.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

The Oomph maintains the correct pressure and extraction of coffee. It’s really simple to use, and it’ll brew your coffee in no time. You can fill up to 13fl oz of coffee in it, pretty much what you need in a day.

There’s an air barrier around it, so it’s perfectly insulated. That means it’ll stay warm, and you can hold it while hot and not get burned. The Smart Turbine is designed for different grinds and it’s very easy to clean.

The Oomph in black

The Oomph is perfectly insulated and can fit 13fl oz of coffee.

To brew this delicious drink all you need is coffee and hot water. So, how do you use it? You add around 25g of coffee, pour in hot water to a certain level and leave it a bit, so it can rise. Once it stops rising, add the rest of the hot water. Then you take the outer shell and add pressure, slowly plunging it the top down. That’s it. Quite easy, isn’t is?

The Oomph in colors

It comes in three additional colors.

When coffee is extracted, with a click the grinds ‘lock out ‘so the coffee doesn’t over extract and taste bitter. You can add coffee and milk, pour coffee into a cup, or drink straight from it, whatever you prefer. It’s great when you’re travelling or going camping and it can also fit into a car cup holder. The Oomph comes in three additional colors- green, blue and pink.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Check out this video and see Oomph in action.

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