Online Dating Market Review: Europe, America, Australia

With the ongoing social dynamics brought by Covid-19, the number of people turning to the internet with the hope of finding their soulmate is increasing exponentially. Because of this, online dating apps and sites are becoming more crucial than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a casual hit-up, long-term relationship, same-sex engagement, or mature singles, you won’t go wrong with online dating. In this review, we’ve researched and compiled an in-depth roundup about the scope of online dating in America, Europe, and Australia.

1. Features of Europe, America, and Australia

America is the bedrock of online dating. On average, 49 million Americans are actively dating online. This number is predicted to rise to 53.3 Million by the end of 2024. To get the clear picture, think of 4 out of ten adults actively using online dating platforms to cycle through the cosmic memberships for meaningful relationships.

Europeans are known worldwide to adore digitalization across various spectrums of life, and online dating is not exempted. On average, 6.1 Million Europeans actively use online dating apps and platforms. Experts predict a whopping 8.7 Million membership by 2024. Going by these figures, the European online dating market is a well-established multi-billion dollar industry with a bright future ahead.

You won’t believe this: A third of Aussies – over 7.8 million individuals – have used online dating platforms at one point in their lives. Of these, 4.5 Aussies are actively leveraging the power of internet dating. Experts predict the numbers to rise to over 6 million by 2024, with e-babies becoming more prevalent.

2. The Target Audience of the Dating Services

The popularity of dating services has increased rapidly over the past years. More Aussies are using online dating to find compatible partners more than ever. In turn, this has led to the growth of operators in the online dating industry. It’s now socially acceptable to meet dates on the internet.

When it comes to the target audience, people aged between 30 and 39 top the bars; many dating services target young adults aged between 20 and 29. The dating services in Australia also target heterosexuals, lesbians, trans people, and gays seeking love, casual relationships, and friendship.

What’s more? A significant number of dating services target mature individuals who are 50+. You need to find trustworthy over 50 dating sites in Australia if you are seeking older singles. These sites have a large user base and impressive features that will make your dating journey worthwhile.

The target audience for American online dating Gen Z is the age bracket of 18-29. They account for up to 48% of Americans who have ever used dating apps and sites. A large percentage of this age group has met their online partners physically.

Following closely are people aged 30-49; they make up about 38% of online dates in America. People aged 50-64 and 65+ accounts for 19% and 13% of the total American online daters, respectively. African Americans rank in the top position at 35%, followed by white people at 29%, and Hispanics at 28%. Dating services in America also target heterosexuals and members of the LGBT.

Many of the dating services in Europe target people who are aged between 30 and 39 (tricenarians).

Following their trail closely are Gen Y1 (youths who are aged between 25 and 29). At the third spot is Gen X (41-56), followed closely by youths aged 18-24. Of course, dating services are also targeting baby boomers (people aged between 57 and 75).

There’s a 50-50% split between the men and women using dating platforms in Europe. So expect active platforms with lots of singles to engage. Most European dating services target gay men, lesbians, queer people, transgender people, and heterosexuals.

3. Why People Use Dating Sites and Apps

Dating sites and apps are becoming more popular over the years because they allow people to meet like-minded people with ease especially right now with the current state of our social lives, and many have turned to dating sites after reading some tips on how to spend a lonely evening. Finding compatible partners is a breeze since most dating sites and apps are compatible with mobile devices. That means you can find dates at any time and anywhere.

Dating applications and websites also help introverts to overcome the fear of rejection. Unlike in the real world, dating platforms are free from judgments, and you can look for dates without being an extrovert. They also allow you to be yourself and choose who you would like to interact with. Additionally, you are not limited to caste, ethnicity, and class.

To conclude, the dating trajectory is already online. More people in Australia, America, and Europe are now using dating apps and sites to meet their dream date because these platforms are efficient and safe to use. Dating services are targeting people of all age groups in these regions. That means there is someone for everyone in online dating.

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