Online Dating: How to Stay Safe and Avoid Scams?

Almost every person in the world has experienced online dating or used any of the apps and services. However, when you are meeting someone new, online or offline, it is still wise to keep a few safety tips in mind in order to avoid any negative things, scams, danger, etc. Even though dating apps and sites do have a lot of advantages, they do not do criminal background checks on users. This is a major safety hazard when it comes to you and your personal information. So, in order to stay safe while dating online, let’s go over some important safety tips.

Avoid Suspicious Profiles

When swiping through profiles, you will see a lot of different people. However, sometimes it is hard to say if the profile is fake or real. Luckily, there are some great signs of fake dating profiles that can help you avoid scammers and people with malicious intent. If you match someone whose profile has no pictures of themselves, no bio, social media, or similar elements, it is a huge chance that that profile is fake. So, avoid communicating with those profiles, and try to report them as soon as possible.

Use a Different Photo

When creating your online dating profile, try and use photos that you don’t use on social media. It is really easy to do a reverse image search on Google, and people with malicious intent can find your profiles easily and take advantage of them. So, snap a few new photos, and stick to different angles.

Check The Potential Date on Social Media

As soon as you’re matched with someone, look for their social media info. People usually leave their social media handles in the bio, and that’s a great opportunity to check them out. See if you have mutual friends, look up the information they provided on the profile, and inspect their photos. This can help you ensure they are not catfishing you by using fake profiles on all social media.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Block

All dating apps and sites have the option to block or report a person. You can use this feature whenever you are sure you’ve stumbled upon a fake or suspicious profile. You can do the same if a person has been inappropriate with you or you don’t feel safe. Blocking and reporting is often done anonymously, no matter if you’ve matched or not. This is a great feature to use because it can help improve safety on the app or website.

Online dating is both fun and stressful. You never know who is behind the chat and if that person is genuine or not. With these tips, you can majorly improve your safety and find the love of your life.

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