The Ryno Microcycle might actually be somewhere between cool and a Segway, but a lot closer to cool. It is basically a one wheel motorcycle that is surprisingly easy and safe to ride.

However, the Ryno Microcycle is not your usual cruiser. It covers 10 miles per charge and has the top speed of 10mph. This being said, we have to add that this is more than enough for day to day city errands. Additional perk is that the Ryno can go places other motorcycles can’t. You can use it on the road, on sidewalks, in buildings, in public transport and even in elevators. This is basically a more city oriented version of a conventional bike.

Balancing is done automatically. Other controls are very intuitive and natural. You want to accelerate – lean forward. You want to decelerate – lean back. Turning works the same way. Just slight leans to a side and you are there.

One Wheel Microcycle by Ryno Motors

Another thing the designers had in mind was practicality. If you want to stop, simply put your legs down. Its height is perfect for standing and interacting with people even while you are still on the Ryno. You are at their level and fully functional. Even turning it to the back does not crash the Ryno, but parks it. Perfect.

The Ryno is supposed to be shipped this fall and pre-orders are already being accepted at Ryno Motors, so, if you like utter practicality and motorcycle-like design that will not make you look ridiculous, spending $5,295 on the Ryno is actually a good idea. watch video below

One Wheel Microcycle by Ryno Motors

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