Headphones have already been used as antennas for the radio in some mobile phones, but OnBeat solar headphones have moved one step further. Well, actually several steps. How would you like to have headphones that do not drain the battery on your mobile phone? Or even the ones that charge it? This is what OnBeat Solar Headphones are all about.

The headband of OnBeat headphones is covered with bendable solar cells that gather solar energy while on your head. The surface covered by solar cells is 55cm3, boasting a charge capacity of 0.55W. These numbers tell very little to an average consumer, but knowing that this is sufficient to keep any mobile phone or iPad fully charged at all times should be enough.

The energy that the cells gather is kept in 2 light-weight Lithium Ion batteries that are positioned inside the earcups. In case there is no sun, they can be charged via USB.

In addition, the headphones themselves have respectable features, providing high quality sound. watch video below

OnBeat solar powered headphones charging an iPhone 5

OnBeat solar powered headphones lying on a wooden table

Top view of the solar panels on the OnBeat solar powered headphones

Front view of the OnBeat solar powered headphones

Upright position of the OnBeat solar powered headphones

Folded position of the OnBeat solar powered headphones

[via Kickstarter]

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