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If you have ever searched for speakers which are capable of performing well both indoors and outdoors then your search can end because the Om Sound System is here. You might be asking what does this sound system have to offer that other sound systems can’t. Well, quite a lot frankly.

Completely wireless, solar powered, weather resistant and equipped with LED lights – these are the main features and they are not the only ones. Let’s check out what the Om Sound System is all about.

Om Sound System basic finish

Completely weather resistant, the Om Sound System employs both Bluetooth and radio technology in order to work

The Om Sound system is made by AVANT*GARDE in Italy and is the first audio-lighting device which gives its users the option of creating their very own sound system without worrying about distance or battery life thanks to the combination of various technologies. Connected with Bluetooth 3.0 to its source, Om reproduces a monophonic omnidirectional high quality sound and is the first sound system to incorporate both Bluetooth technology and radio waves in order to circumvent the issues of distance and sound quality. As it is tailored for outdoor use, this system is fully weather resistant, so if it happens to rain while you are partying with your friends, find some cover and leave the speakers because they will be just fine.

Om Sound System solar panel

The solar panel on the top of the speakers will make sure that the speakers don’t run out of juice

Limits which some sound systems have when it comes to battery life are completely avoided here because each Om speaker has a solar panel on the top so it can run for quite a while. This system even prevents the dark from ruining your fun with its LED lights. Each speaker has three LED lights placed on every 120° of its circumference. The best features of this sound system comes with the styles in which they are available. You can get it in its basic finish which looks pretty good. But in order to make it blend with whatever environment you decide to place these speakers in you can choose from 3 different finishes (raw material finishing concrete, raw material finishing corten, stone finishing river grey) and 6 additional colors (yellow – corn, red – chili pepper, magenta – cocoa, cyan – Italy, blue – oversea, and green – kiwi). All in all, a whole lot of styles to choose from so there is no way you can’t find a combination which will suit you and fit nicely in your backyard.

Om Sound System alternative finish

Corten raw material finishing – one of many style variations which will help you incorporate your new sound system in your surroundings

Om Sound System LED light

Not even the dark can stop these speakers thanks to their LED lights

The only negative side of the Om Sound System is the fact that its pricing info is unavailable unless you contact the company and you won’t know when you will receive your new toys in case you want to get yourself a couple of these. That aside, the Om Sound System seems to be a very innovative sound system unlike any currently on the market. [via]

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