Olli | A Self-Driving Vehicle

The future of transportation is here. We heard about self-driving vehicles before, but Local Motors came up with Olli, a self-driving electric shuttle you can actually talk to and ask questions.

Olli can fit 12 people and uses IBM’s machine-learning platform, similar to Siri. Besides the fact that this kind of transportation will replace drivers, you can literally tell your destination and Olli will drive you there. It uses a 20 KW electric motor and can develop the maximum speed of up to 12 mph. As for the range, it can cover a distance of 32 miles.

Olli On A Parking Lot

Olli is a self-driving electric vehicle that uses IBM’s machine-learning platform so you talk to it.

Let’s talk about weight. Olli’s weight is limited to 2,200 lbs, so in order for 12 people to fit, the limit is 183 lbs per person. Olli also features LIDAR sensors, GPS, 3D printed parts, optical camera and air suspension. There’s a useful app where you can check the routes and set your destination.

Olli On The Street

Olli can develop the maximum speed of 12 mph and has a range of 32.4 miles.

So, what kind of question can you ask Olli? You can ask for the weather, restaurant recommendation, how the vehicle works or why did it make that turn and chose a specific path. The vehicle can see 360 degrees and makes decisions faster than a human would, while at the same time being monitored all the time by a human operator.

The Inside Of Olli

You can fit 12 people inside Olli and check the route on a smartphone app.

The exact date of the testing phase is yet unknown, but it’s supposed to be this summer. The idea is to test it in D.C but also cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Berlin, Copenhagen and Canberra. We are certainly looking forward to seeing it on the streets. watch video below

Interior Of Olli

The interior of Olli.

Check out this video to learn more about Olli.

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