Having a cool portable speaker is a great thing when you are in the great outdoors and want to improve your fun with some sweet tunes, but all that hassle with cables and pairing can sometimes be very exhausting. Unless you consider looking into what the Oaxis Bento induction speaker is capable of. This awesome, little speaker requires no pairing of any kind and doesn’t even need cables to function properly. In order to provide its high quality 360° omnidirectional sound, all that is required is to place your smartphone on top of it. That’s pretty much it, the sound will be immensely amplified for you to enjoy.

How does it work

Oaxis Bento how it works

Bento grabs the magnetic field of your smartphone’s speakers and amplifies it and plays the music through its own speakers

The secret behind Bento’s amazing sound lies in the close contact induction technology implemented in it. Bento simply grabs the magnetic field of the speakers in your phone and then runs it through its own amp and through its own speakers. So, by simply placing a smartphone on its reception pad you will get the same effect and sound quality which most Bluetooth or NFC portable speakers are capable of. Minus the pairing wait and possible issues which may sometimes occur.

Specs and style

Oaxis Bento playtime

Powered by a lithium ion battery, this speaker has a playtime of 6 hours max

Oaxis Bento uses a 1000 mAh built in rechargeable lithium ion battery to run and has a playtime of up to 6 hours and works with any smartphone or cellular phone with speakers. So, pretty much any phone you got. Because its very light (only 500 grams), it can be carried round easily, which is great if you like to spend time outdoors a lot. As for the design, it doesn’t feature any extravagant details to grab attention. It’s very simple, but still appealing and leans toward a kind of futuristic look. Bento is available in two color variants: black & red, and white & emerald.

Oaxis Bento design

Oaxis Bento looks very simple, with no eye-gouging details and soothing color variants

Trying out new audio tech to bring the music listening experience to a different level is much appreciated by all audiophiles out there, which makes the Bento a worthwhile portable speaker option. With an unconventional approach to amplifying your favorite music, Bento sure does have a certain edge over its Bluetooth and NFC counterparts.

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Check out the Oaxis Bento in action.

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