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So, with winter coming up very quickly, Oakley aptly released their first snowboarding helmets. Introducing the Oakley Mod 5 and Mod 3 Snow Helmets. Perfect for hitting the slopes, and modular, these helmets are what every snowboarder asked for.

The Oakley Mod Helmets have been in design and testing for 3 years. It took that long to ensure that you get the best quality that you could possibly expect from a snow helmet.

The Mod 5 and the Mod 3 come with their own styles and qualities. However, they are both designed for optimal comfort, a superb fit, and a durable design.

Oakley Mod 5 and Mod 3 helmets front view

The Mod 5 (pictured left) and the Mod 3 (pictured right) both come with the Modular Brim System. This allows you to change the brim to fit larger or smaller frame goggles.

Oakley has tried, and succeeded, in redefining goggle and helmet compatibility. They managed to do this by creating the Modular Brim System (MBS). This not only allows you to perfectly fit your helmet to your goggles, but also allows you to upgrade your helmet in the future.

Furthermore, both of these helmets come with a lightweight in-mold shell, as well as MIPS integration. MIPS protects your brain in the event of an angled fall. Both of them also come with the BOA fit system, and a super easy to use Fidlock Buckle.

Oakley Mod 5 and Mod 3 helmets back view

The Mod 5 (pictured left) and the Mod 3 (pictured right) come with the BOA fit system. This system allows you to tighten the helmet around your head for an optimal fit.

Another interesting feature is the helmet ventilation. To increase anti-fogging capabilities, both of these helmets come with integrated ventilation. Essentially, the hot air rises from the goggles, through the top of the helmet, and exits via the back. The Mod 5 can adjust this ventilation system while the Mod 3’s is static.

Oakley Mod Helmet's ventilation system

The unique helmet ventilation system aids in the anti-fogging capabilities of your goggles. It draws hot air out the top, through the helmet, and expels it at the back. You can adjust this ventilation on the Mod 5 while it is static on the Mod 3.

Another difference is that the Mod 5 comes with an ABS thermoplastic shell, while the Mod 3 does not feature it. Overall, Oakley did an outstanding job in their design and you can purchase these helmets in various styles and colors.

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