If you are conscious of what you eat, you probably check food labels for sugar, fat and salt content before you buy anything. That’s all fine and commendable, but food labels won’t tell you how fresh is the food you are about to purchase, what is its nutritional value or whether it contains toxins. The Nutrima food analyzer will.

The device (also called the Nutrima Kitchen Scale) is the brainchild of a brilliant young industrial design student at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland Janne Palovuori who explains this clever concept: “The Nutrima Kitchen Scale concept combines piezoelectricity with smart and flexible technologies, making consumers more aware of food and it’s quality.”

Nutrima Food Analyzer flexible mat

Apart from being used as a traditional kitchen scale, Nutrima also provides the basic nutritional information (energy, protein, carbohydrates and fat content), and informs the user of presence of the most common toxins like mercury. Before use, Nutrima is charged by repetitive bending which creates enough electric charge for the device to operate. After use, the device should be washed with water.

This food analyzer comes with the Nutrimapper mobile application which allows you to adjust your Nutrimapper profile and settings to meet your diet and preferences, as well as rate the best places to shop in the area.

With Nutrima, Palovuori has qualified for the stage 4 of the Electrolux Design Lab 2013 contest.

Details of the Nutrima Food Analyzer Electrolux Design Lab

Nutrima Food Analyzer application

Nutrima Food Analyzer Electrolux Design Lab

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