NuBryte | All-in-One Smart Home System


NuBryte is a touchpoint home console that features smart technology and an all-in-one system. It’s at the same time a security and lighting system, weather forecast, calendar, energy monitor and wireless intercom.

With the smart lighting system, you can set 5 different advanced modes, depending on the situation and room. There’s also a cool feature that turns on the lights as soon as you enter a room so you don’t have to wander in the dark. The lights are easy to control, you can also do it on your smartphone app. All you have to do is replace your light switches with NuBryte and pair them together.

NuBryte On A Wall In A Living Room

NuBryte has 5 different advanced light modes you can use in any room.

Another cool feature of the NuBryte is its home security system. With built-in motion detectors, alarms and wide angle camera, you can be sure your home is well protected. In fact, it will send you notifications and live video alerts on your phone if there’s any activity that could cause concern. One more thing to increase the safety of your home is the vacation lights option. What it does is it mimics the lights in a way that it looks like someone’s home.

NuBryte On A Wall In The Office

NuBryte features a home security system but also a weather forecast, calendar, wireless intercom and energy consumption monitor.

NuBryte can keep you organized and help you plan your day with a central calendar. Also, the wireless intercom allows you to speak with anyone in the house, without having to yell. Not to forget you can check the weather forecast and always know what to wear before leaving the house, but also the option to monitor energy consumption.

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Controlling NuBryte With Smartphone App

You can control NuBryte with a smartphone app as well.

Don’t forget to check out this video to see many features of NuBryte in action. 

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